Seoul, Capital of South Korea and host to 75% of domestic smartphone ownersWith millions of iPhone, iPod and iPad users already in the South Korean mobile games market, the growth potential is even greater with annual sale figures quickly on the rise. This heavily untapped market for western games is largely accredited to former governmental barriers that have posed a small, but not impossible, hurdle to overcome.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, South Korea has an estimated population of around 49 million inhabitants with 14 million of those estimated to be smartphone users. The government expects sales of mobile games to exceed $333 million in 2011 – up 36% from the previous year.

Commuting with Seoul UndergroundGaming Culture in Korea’s mobile games market

The core figure of iPhone users in South Korean mobile games market can be broken down even further. With a daily commute time of approximately 41.2 minutes* per citizen of Seoul – 70% of whom were estimated to be iPhone users back in 2009 – the loyal mobile games audience offers an even greater revenue potential for your app in the market.



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*Statistics Korea census, 2010