Publishing a game in Korea without a Rating from the official governing body is currently restricted due to local laws, meaning iPhone users have been denied access to foreign games for quite some time. The alternative has since been to download local iOS games from the Korean AppStore that does not see fierce rivalry from outside territories such as Europe or America. The competition remains wide open.

Even recent changes to the law back in July 2011, giving open market operators such as the Korean AppStore and Android marketplace the authority to rate games, failed to satisfy Korean customers as the Games Sector’s accessibility was left behind.

An already established license for distributing and developing mobile games means Echokingdom is able to bridge the gap needed to make your mobile game app available in the Korean AppStore.

A Step by Step Guide

Our in-house experts, who have a combined total of 50 years experience in iOS apps, will help you implement the Rating Agency Key without fear of revealing the Source Code to us or the rating agency.

Implement the dis-
tribution certificate

Echokingdom submits the necessary .p12 key chain and the distribution certificate files. Once compiled into the app by your team, we then take charge throughout the rating agency process.

Echo Kingdom’s turn

Once the game’s binary files are submitted to us and the agency, you can expect an approximate turnaround of around 2 weeks.

Implement the rating certificate

The Korean government will approve a successful certificate file which we will then submit to you upon its return. Your game is now ready to be placed onto the AppStore.

You are on the market

Sit back and revel in the knowledge that your app is now available to millions of new customers. Our weekly reports will insure you’re up to date with payouts and statistics.

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