Here at Echokingdom our straight forward agreement allows both parties to benefit on a win win basis. We deal with revenue shares based on profit after Apple tax & domestic tax, work with a highly secure management process to avoid revelation of your source code and adopt a flexible contract policy that allows for easy cancellation any time.

Revenue Share Percentage

The share is subject to negotation based on the size and quality of your portfolio. We calculate the payouts after Apple’s share (30%) and after deduction of domestic tax (10%). For the rate of our revenue share please contact us.

Intellectual Property

All IP used in your App, including but not limited to: brands, artworks, trademarks, patents, software patents and designs, stay in your sole ownership. At no point do you transfer them to Echokingdom or any of our partners. This is part of the distribution contract and subject to the legal binding contract.

Payout & Reporting

We send you weekly reports and an end-of-month summary regarding your sales and revenue. Your share will be paid out in USD and within 30 days after you’ve confirmed our final summary via invoice.


A contract term can be terminated with just one month’s notice and can easily be re-established between both parties via email.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us >